Rule Changes For Children Using Gym

Rule changes for Children using gym.

Hi all, we’d like to share some policy updates that have been implemented at Surfit this week. They are mainly around children under 16 yrs training in the gym and how we can best keep them safe. Please read the following and if you are under 16ys, or the parent of a child under 16yrs, please come and chat with us so we can update your details and continue to help you make progress in the gym.

  1. Any child under 16 must have express written consent from a parent or guardian to attend the gym and they must sign up to a membership agreement. No casual visits for minors. A suitable rate will be charged for this membership agreement.
  2. Children under 16ys must only attend the gym during staffed hours.
  3. Children under 16yrs must be on a guided program by a suitably qualified fitness professional or under the direct supervision of an adult whist training at Surfit.
  4. Children under 16yrs are to abide by the general rules of the gym as stipulated in the membership agreement.
  5. By signing the membership agreement, parents are declaring that their child is healthy and able to attend the gym unless otherwise stipulated and discussed with Surfit staff.