What are your staffed hours?
Down town –
Epiq – Mon – Fri; 8:00 – 6:00 pm
         Sat; 8:00 – 12:00 pm

Is the gym 24/7? – Yes, you can attend both gyms 24/7. If the gym has been unoccupied for a period of time, the lights and music may be off. Both will come back on once your tag is swiped and movement is detected.

Am I locked into a contract? – No. We are a no contract gym. We do require 2 week’s notice if you wish to cancel and this MUST be done in writing to our email; surfitlennox@outlook.com

Am I required to book into classes or can I just turn up? – You MUST book in through the GymMaster App to ensure you secure your place in the class and so that we abide by guidelines. You can see how to do so here.

If you are not a member and would like to do a casual class, please call (0266 874 012) or email us at surfitlennox@outlook.com. We will book you in or add you to the wait list. If you would regularly like to attend casual classes – you may find benefit in a 10 visit pass or direct debit membership to make booking more streamlined – can find our prices here.

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) included in a membership? – NO – this is at an additional charge. Please email us for further details.

Is there a creche? No – we unfortunately do not have a creche facility. If the gym is quiet, you can bring your little ones along to sit in the waiting area but we are not a childcare facility, therefore we are not able to care for your children while you work out. They must remain seated in the waiting area at all times should you choose to bring them.

Can I do a casual class on gym only membership? – Yes – this will be $15 and it may be worth considering a gym + classes membership.

Can I change my membership type? Yes, you will need to call or email us to do so so we can adjust the amount required to be charged.

Can I have 1 transaction for my family? Yes – you will need to do this in person at the gym. This is not an online capability. We will set up individual memberships for each person but have one account as the primary account.

Where is ‘The Barn’? The Barn is the name of our new studio located inside the Epiq gym. This studio will be mostly used for yoga but will also be used for HIIT classes, BJJ and more.

On the class schedule, where is the ‘downtown’ location? This is in the downtown gym (9/90-92 Ballina St).

On the class schedule, where is the ‘oval’ location? When facing the beach, the oval is to the right of the Lennox Head Community Centre, near the cricket nets. Occasionally the 6am classes will also be held in the quadrangle of the Community Centre.