Alicia’s Classes

Tuesday 6.00pm Flow Yoga (75 mins)

Class limit of 20

Dynamic class linking breath to movement and suitable for those with an understanding of the fundamentals of Yoga and/or with a regular practice. Class concludes with a lengthy Savasana and may include Pranayama, sound and meditation.

Wednesday 9:30am Slow Flow Yoga (75 mins)

Energising class suitable for all levels. Aimed at developing strength; improving mobility, flexibility and balance; and enhancing relaxation.

Sunday 5.00pm Gentle Yoga (75 mins)

A slow moving/stretch practice which includes meditation and guided relaxation. All levels class and therefore suitable for beginners. A great class to compliment other more challenging activities offered by the Gym. May use blocks, blankets and straps in class.

Friday 9:30am Restorative Yoga (75 mins)

Unwind after the week in an all levels class of gentle movement and restorative poses, meditation and guided relaxation. Includes the use of props (blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters) in order to facilitate release in the body and calming of the mind.

Joanne’s Classes

Monday 9.30am Slow Flow Yoga (75 mins)

An energising class to kick start your week focusing on synchronizing breath with movement, developing strength, flexibility and balance, and enhancing relaxation.  Suitable for all levels.

Wednesday 6:00pm Restorative Yoga (75 mins)

A slow-paced mid week evening class suitable for all levels with an emphasis on balance and seated postures held for longer periods of time. This class offers a reflective, meditative experience to cultivate inner peace and stillness. May use blocks, blankets and straps.