Weights Circuit – Aggie/Shannon

Thursday 9:30am (60mins)

Friday 6:00am (60mins)

Our circuit training class usually has members spending a certain duration of time at each ‘station’ or exercise, before moving onto another, so it is a good opportunity to try different things and still get in a good workout. Its aim is to get your heart rate up whilst still building strength in different areas. You will often use a variety of weights/equipment and cycle through each circuit with body weight exercises and the occasional cardio in between. Always a good workout when Shan or Aggie are involved. You never know what they have up their sleeve.

Cardio Circuit – Shannon

Wednesday 6:00am (60mins)

Shannon is the master of versatility and diversity, she doesn’t often run the same class twice! This is known as the Wednesday killer and our clients LOVE it. Who doesn’t want to wake up and start their day with an awesome body weight cardio session. The class includes anything from sprints to burpees to high rep squats (and so much more).