Surfit now has SKILLRUN!  SKILLRUN offers the most innovative workouts available including high-intensity interval training, speed resistance training and neuromuscular training, as well as immersive and entertaining options to keep your motivation high.


Surfit is a MYZONE’s facility – MYZONE provides wearable heart rate monitors that allow you to track your workouts, earn points to work towards in-gym challenges whilst being able to monitor your heart-rate and workout intensity. Tracking your heart rate during a workout is a proven way to efficiently achieve your goals – chat to our team for more info!


Surfit uses an InBody 370 which gives members an accurate reading of their body composition, weight, body fat % and so much more. We offer scans for $30 (free for MyZone belt users). This is a great way to track progress or check in with where you’re at before or after a challenge – pop in for a scan or more info.

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My Name is Dave, I’m the owner of Surfit as well as one of the trainers here! Come say hi and meet our team!

We are proud that we have a range of trainers with vast experience and backgrounds in the fitness, health and sports industries.

Each of the trainers work independently of Surfit Lennox but are an integral part of our gym – we’re a family here at Surfit, all having a mutual goal – providing the best experience for our members and seeing our clients be the best they can be. Personal training is a cost effective and proven method to help you achieve your goals.

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Open 24/7

Surfit is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via access tag which allows flexibility for all members to train whenever works for them.

7 Professional Trainers

We have a range of different trainers who work independently through Surfit but are an integral part of our gym, providing training that produces results.  Personal training is a great, cost effective method if your’re new to exercise or are needing that extra push in the gym.  Check out our team – they’d love to help you reach your goals

gym programs

Upon joining our gym, you will be given the option/opportunity to have an introductory session and program write-up with one of our lovely trainers.  As we are focused on helping our members achieve results, we offer updates to these throughout your time with us.  Pop in and chat to our team if you have further questions.