Shannon Mathes is a health, fitness and lifestyle coach with a passion for creating healthy lifestyles

Welcome to Surfit!

I’m Shannon Mathes, health, fitness and lifestyle coach.

My passion is creating healthy lifestyles. No matter your age or fitness level, I assist in helping design a lifestyle suited to you. Enabling you with the tools needed to reach long and short terms goals.

These two words; Health and Fitness, reach new heights and depths for me. It’s not just about the gym, it’s a way of life. It’s our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health – as a whole, as one.

It’s not about perfection: it’s more about the imperfections and the will to work on creating our own unique lives and giving each other a hand on the way up. It’s fuelling our body with the correct nutrition, keeping well hydrated, and daily movement. It’s Knowing when to stop, slow down and rest.

With a background in competitive sports, 6 years in the health industry, personal experience, over seas travel, and commitment to my own training, has given me the tools for a successful and soulful business on the north coast. (Infinite Fitness and health)

Specialising in Muscle gain, fat loss, strength & conditioning, nutrition, lifestyle change, health & well being, group fitness and personal training, I’m here to help you grow through the evolution of you.