David Westaway

David is the owner and founder of Surfit Lennox


The gym was started from scratch in December 2014 and has become what we feel as an integral part of the Lennox community. So much so that we are now the naming sponsor of the Love Lennox festival.


I started personal training in 1993 after moving from a small town in central NSW to Sydney where I worked for organisations such as SOCOG (the Olympic games organising committe hq) and Sydney city council. I also freelanced as a personal trainer and studied Pilates as well. I competed in bodybuilding a few times with a win in a regional novice event. I was motivated by seeing what hard work and dedication could achieve


10 years ago I moved to this awesome area to raise our family.  I moved away from just personal training  to club ownership which has been really fulfilling. Up until recently I played a lot of golf which burned out my self esteem really. So recently I have upped the training regime again and I feel great.


I am inspired by people like Arnold Scwarzeneggar, Madonna,  Christopher Hitchens and Dwayne Johnson.


I believe you need to eat and train perfect 80% of the time and you will be ok. I teach Pilates which has been what has given me the direction to where I feel my future in my own exercise and my instructing future lies.

I love people and am very bad at time management!