Brad Williamson: Cert III Fitness (ACHPER) Cert IV Yoga (Byron Yoga Center) Cert IV Mind Body Medicine (Paramount), Cert IV Vocational Training (Army), Cert IV Investigations (Army), Grad Cert Criminal Intelligence (CSU), Grad Cert Management (MGSM), BA (UNSW), Certified HR Professional (AHRI)

“Integrate your Mind, Body and Heart into Action”

Brad takes a holistic approach to yoga blending time honored eastern wisdom with evidence backed tools, applying them to optimise modern life. He combines postures with flowing movement to engage the nervous system, intention setting, breath awareness and self-regulation tools, mindfulness, meditation practices and visualisation, fostering teamwork, a sense of ‘tribe’ and community. His postural instruction is alignment focused and can range from gentle restorative to dynamic. Brad is creative and flexible and able to teach from beginners to advanced merging tailored music playlists, flower essences, essential oils, Tibetan bowls and incense into a seamless format.

From a corporate and Military Police Officer background spanning 20 years and in 2014 obtaining a Cert IV in Mind Body Medicine, Cert IV 800hr Purna Yoga Certification and CHEK qualification, Brad strives to make Yoga accessible for all levels and actionable in day-to-day life. Brad has taught to diverse populations ranging from professional surfers and triathletes, First Responders, Special Forces Soldiers, Veterans, Cancer patients, those suffering mental health issues, kids, teenagers and mothers. He teaches on a weekly basis to groups at SURFIT Lennox, 1:1 and is a Co-Founder/Secretary of the charity Frontline Yoga catering specifically to the Military Veteran and First Responder Community. He has undertaken trauma aware yoga training.

Brad teaches with positivity, patience, compassion and empathy having recovered from OSI/PTSD and Chronic Fatigue. Brad has a keen interest in Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinology, Ancestral Eating, Brain-Gut Health, Sleep and Functional Movement in all its forms. He makes the classes, enjoyable, real and relevant in a safe atmosphere, emphasising Yoga as a set of tools to be integrated with other positive lifestyle habits to optimise health, well-being and resilience. When not doing yoga you will find him in a Permaculture Garden, Hiking in Nature, Boxing or Bow Hunting.